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Registration and ordering booth / display area of the agricultural exhibition Prairie 21-21 /01/2016

Registration and ordering a pavilion / display area at the 24th Agricultural Exhibition in the Arava - 20-21/0l/2016

  • Parties wishing to exhibit ("the client") may do so by filling out and signing this order form and submitting it to the Arava Building and Development Company ("the Development company"), along with the required payment, provided that he receives written confirmation of the order by the Development Company.
  • A client registering for the exhibition after 30/11/2015 and up to the date of the exhibition will pay the higher price.
  • Payment for participation in the exhibition and for ordering pavilion/s according to the amounts specified below, will be carried out as follows:
    • Payment of participation fees by check post-dated not later than 15.12.2015.  The check should be made out to " Arava Building and Development Ltd" 511444283
    • Those wishing to pay by bank transfer (see below) should provide the Development Company with written documentation of the transfer.

Bank details for transfer of funds

Bank Otsar HaHayal (14), Beersheba branch (363), Account 198946.
Please fax confirmation to 08-6581638.

5X4 m pavilions in covered exhibition greenhouse: NIS 5,900 per pavilion, including VAT.
The same pavilion after 30/11/2015: NIS 6,844 per pavilion, including VAT.

Pavilions in open spaces: NIS 11,800 per pavilion, including VAT.
The same pavilion after 30/11/2015: NIS 12,744 per pavilion, including VAT.


Registration can be cancelled up to 15/12/2015.
Clients cancelling registration in the Exhibition after 15/12/2015, for any reason, will be charged the full participation fee and will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.

Details and general conditions
  • A client that exhibited last year in Greenhouses A,B,C or in external areas D,E,F and is interested in exhibiting in the 2016 Exhibition in the same location, can do so if registration and payment is carried out by 18.9.2015.
  • Early registration at the lower price must be carried out by 30.11.2015.
  • The client is responsible for designing, furnishing (including tables, desks, etc), cleaning and arranging the display of equipment in the pavilion rented.
  • The client must finish setting up the display pavilion he has rented by Tuesday, 20.01.2016 at 20:00, and dismantle it when the exhibition ends, but not before 18:00 on Thursday, 21.01.2016.
  • The client agrees not to use any space other than the area of the pavilion he has rented.
  • The exhibition provides on-site sanitary facilities, drinking water, wireless internet, electricity and water connections.
  • The client confirms that in the framework of participation in the exhibition, and against full payment of participation fees, the Development Company undertakes to provide the pavilion/s ordered and approved and nothing else.
  • The client agrees to obey all instructions given by the Development Company, Israel Police and any other authorized authorities.
  • The client agrees that participation in the exhibition does not include financial, logistic or any other support on the part of the Development company and/or the Central Arava Regional Council
  • The client is prohibited from carrying out electrical connections in the exhibition area unless there is prior approval and coordination with the Development Company.
  • The client is prohibited from playing music or any other vocalization in the exhibition area and in the pavilion unless the Development company has approved.
  • The client is aware that the Development company and/or the Central Arava Regional Council and/or persons on their behalf are not responsible for any kind of damage whatsoever, whether property damage or bodily harm, that may be caused to the client and/or to his equipment in the area of the exhibition and/or to a third party due to his participation in the event, and that the client undertakes the responsibility of insuring himself, at his sole expense, during the entire period of his activity in the exhibition areas. The client is aware of and agrees that the actions of the attendants of the Development company throughout the event are strictly for the purpose of maintaining public order, and therefore the client is solely responsible for maintaining the rented pavilion and the equipment he places in it, without exception, beginning from the moment of its construction, throughout the hours of activity during the event, until its evacuation after the event is over.
  • Without limiting the foregoing, the client is responsible and undertakes to insure the equipment presented in the pavilion and to maintain all other necessary insurance as specified in the insurance confirmation form that will be sent to him by the Development company. The client undertakes to present the Development company with the aforementioned insurance confirmation form signed by the insurer, no later than 15.12.2015.
The above is a prerequisite for the right to participate in the exhibition.
  • The client confirms that the Development Company has the right to change the dates of the exhibition at any time without any obligation to compensate the client in any way, and the client waives any demand and/or claim with respect to this.
  • There is no employee-employer relationship and/or partnership of any kind between the client and his representatives and the Development company and anyone on its behalf.

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Sponsorship Options

Major sponsor

     150 sqm Pavilion
     Double page or back page booklet presenting
     Logo comprehensive list of corporate logos
     Switching out by the participants in the exhibition portfolio
     Brochure is divided in a bag and entrance to the exhibition
     Banner advertising on the website of the exhibition + Link
     Banner hanging on the wall in a central exhibition size from 2 to 12,
     50 flags on the walls of the exhibition
     Conference banners branding
     Domain switching willow festival appearances
     Branding of the exhibition tent meetings
     Invitees include a cocktail gathering meetings of the exhibition tent
     PR cooperation
     Newspaper advertisements branding

Medium sponsor

     Pavilion of up to 80 sqm
     Page booklet presenting
     Logo Logo of the list of general
     Promotional flyer distributed in the exhibit case at the entrance to the exhibition and exhibitors
     Rotating advertising banner on the website of the exhibition + Link
     Banner hanging on the wall of the exhibition size 2 8 m
     Banner of sessions depends on the exhibition tent
     PR cooperation
     Banner Branding press

A sponsor

     Home to 40 m
     Page booklet presenting
     Logo comprehensive list of corporate logos
     Promotional flyer distributed portfolio is divided into the entrance to the exhibition and exhibitors
     Rotating advertising banner on the website of the exhibition + Link
     Banner hanging on the wall of the exhibition towards the Arava Highway 2 size 5 m
     PR cooperation